since when is white pepper appropriate for the table? [Café Nostalgica]

The new grad building is looking great! I just won’t be coming back to Café Nostalgica for food. Their bar and beer selection will be pretty good too — once the administrative mishaps get ironed out. The staff are always lovely at Nostalgica, and I’ve had many catch ups with friends during my first year at U of O. If I recall, their food used to be descent, too. But I’ve been less than impressed since their re-opening last month:

On my first visit last month, my soup was cold. On my second visit, my fries were assaulted by white pepper.

I’d ordered a grad burger — essentially a cheeseburger with onions and mushrooms, of moderate quality. (Aside – if you’re looking for a good burger on campus, Relish makes a delicious one when it’s on the menu – better bang for buck and tastier; in fact, anything on their menu is delicious).

Since I assumed that the opaque pepper shaker would have black pepper, I dumped way too much into my plate before I realised the mistake. My server kindly told me that they have black pepper packets in the back and next time I could ask for them. A bit too late for my meal, non? She also indicated other patrons often wondered why there were two salt shakers on the table.

Oh dear.

As a friend pointed out, white pepper is only ever appropriate for the table of a “Jook, Fun, Mein” restaurant. Which left me craving a big bowl of 粥 (congee).

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