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We have (now a little less than) 700g of feta in our fridge.

It’s by far the best tasting feta cheese I’ve had in a long time (if ever) – it’s creamy and smooth. It has a much better balance of brine/salt than most. Did I mention how creamy it is?

Its raison d’être in our fridge was the boy’s rationalization that it was “the most authentic looking thing at A+P”. Not to mention best bang for buck – I believe the 700g tub was around 15$. Try it if you see it. You can’t miss the hideous cylindrical yellow tub with a red top.

Doric Macedonian Style Feta


We (the boy and I plus a friend) discovered a tasty olive oil from New Zealand whilst dining at Casa Tapas one day, and I’ve been on the prowl for the stuff since. Of course, leave it to trusty Vieille Europe to carry such things.

Anyway, the boy had baked fresh ciabatta for opening night of The Mikado yesterday, for which he had baked 6 loaves of ciabatta for patrons to munch upon. Sadly (well, not so sadly for us), one of the loaves was on the not-so-aesthetically-pleasing side of things, meaning attaching Nankipoo‘s name to it would’ve been a little bit of a silly idea. So, we ate the 1/2 that was a little flat.

To celebrate the grand occasion of tasty bread, we opened the bottle of stuff I had picked up from Vielle Europe not too long ago: The Village Press’s Barnea Olive Oil. First taste = bitter, flat. Bitter and flat?! Definitely not the way I remembered it at the restaurant. A quick google search convinced us that yes, the oil had indeed turned rancid. Must have been the poor seal of its cap, which of course would’ve bled air into the bottle.

All of this left me, of course, a little bit sad. I’d been waiting to have my very own coveted bottle of this stuff to consume! Next course of action = email the folks over at the Village Press with a firm but pleasant tone, letting them know that I wouldn’t accept anything other than a replacement bottle for this mishap – you know, the standard product complaint email, here’s the UPC code, etc etc except that I tried to make it as friendly as possible.

I received a reply from them, one hour later. I’ve never heard of such speedy customer service in my life, and was taken aback (pleasantly). Plus they were apologetic – in a rather sincere way (as sincere as one can be in that sector), unlike other customer service representatives I’ve dealt with. And now, a bottle of this stuff is getting shipped here – shipped! I actually only expected to get a voucher for them instead, and I didn’t think ask for me to “please send us your address ASAP!!” (!!’s theirs, not mine).

Anyway, I’m pleased. Quite so.