Hello 2013. I hope all of your lunches look like this.

Looks like my January semester is off to a great start so long as my lunches look like this: curried chicken salad sandwich on homemade bread with homemade mayo (dead simple to make, 3 ingredients: egg yolk, oil, mustard. plus lemon + salt to taste.)

Better still, the chicken and egg are from a dear friend’s farm in Perth. Happy chickens made delicious poultry.

The chicken salad was crafted from leftover steamed chicken, and yes, steamed chicken is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fantastic cooking method to showcase pure chickeny goodness. Chickens are steamed whole in Cantonese cuisine and served with a ginger-green onion condiment made by pouring hot oil on top of minced ginger and finely chopped scallions; add salt and you’re good to go (like this).

As usual, bread was courtesy of the boy (he incorporated flax flour in this rendition).


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