of snow, rescheduled itineraries, and lunch in Syracuse.

source: @Gen_Larose

We had a bit of a snow day in Ottawa this Wednesday, which meant and plenty of buses that were jack-knifed and traffic was a mess. Not surprisingly, plane delays also ensued from the weather. Which is most inconvenient when you are scheduled to travel to a 4 day conference on the other side of the continent.

Cue phone conversation with my dear friend and co-conspirator for CAELS (an initiative we started to connect environmental law students to each other and the larger legal community). Incidentally, this is the same friend who is my source of poultry.

Me: How’s it going?
MJ: Our 6AM flight to Portland has been cancelled.
Me: …

Well that’s inconvenient. Especially as United Airlines couldn’t find a way for the gang to fly from Montreal (“we only have first class available at $1000 more than your original tickets”) and the only solution they offered was flying MJ, JM & BB on Saturday morning from Ottawa. Not very helpful to miss more than half the conference and it would mean JM would miss her presentation slot.

Lucky for timing, I don’t have classes on Thursdays. So I told MJ that if he could find a Syracuse based solution, I’d find a way to get them there. The boy called it operation save the world taxi, which I suppose isn’t so far off: we left at 7AM, picked up the trio, dropped the boy off at work, and hit the highway to drive south for a couple of hours. Got the gang to the airport with time to spare for lunch before turning around, driving north, and picking up the boy from work. 

After deciding non-airport food was the safest way for JM, MJ & BB to avoid being angrily hungry on the first leg of their trip, we drove down Brewerton Road (near the airport) in search of something delicious. Spotting Julie’s Diner meant we could skip over the various fast food joints and I’m all for supporting mom & pop shops.

Julie’s Diner had the best home fries in recent diner memory (proper home fries – i.e. not deep fried cubes of potato / French fries re-shaped into cubes). Plus lovely service despite our server’s presumptuous (but hilarious) pairing-us-off-as-couples for bill-splitting purposes. The portion sizes reminded us that we weren’t in Canada any more: we had enough food for 6. I’m a sucker for savoury brunch foods but was craving savory-sweet: the stuffed French toast was easily 1.5 meals with 3 thick pieces of toast, 2 fried eggs, a sausage patty, and plenty of home fries on the side. BB’s Caesar salad oddly came with cucumbers, and we couldn’t figure out why his salad was dressed while MJ’s salad was served with his basil-vinaigrette on the side (which was gravy-esque in appearance, which initially lead to some confusion). Nonetheless, we all left fairly satisfied.

I dropped off the gang, headed home, wishing I had gone to Oregon with them instead of chauffeuring for the day. There’s always next year, for the 32nd annual The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference. And hopefully the weather will be on our side to fly.

Julie’s Diner
3800 Brewerton Rd
North Syracuse, NY 13212

Julie's Diner on Urbanspoon

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