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source: @Gen_Larose

We had a bit of a snow day in Ottawa this Wednesday, which meant and plenty of buses that were jack-knifed and traffic was a mess. Not surprisingly, plane delays also ensued from the weather. Which is most inconvenient when you are scheduled to travel to a 4 day conference on the other side of the continent.

Cue phone conversation with my dear friend and co-conspirator for CAELS (an initiative we started to connect environmental law students to each other and the larger legal community). Incidentally, this is the same friend who is my source of poultry.

Me: How’s it going?
MJ: Our 6AM flight to Portland has been cancelled.
Me: …

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The boy has been obsessing over working diligently on a box for the last few weeks. For his location recording business, he needed something to hold gear (computer/mixer board/cables/etc), and turning DIY allowed for full customization; one of his biggest design challenges included the size limitation of our rather diminutive vehicle. The finished project included hardware from Lee Valley: while draw latches and handles may be considered exciting, our trip to the east end of town also yielded gastronomically: we now own a microplane rasp! It’s beautiful for frozen ginger and I can’t wait to grate cinnamon sticks and parm with ease.

As we were leaving Lee Valley, the boy spotted Metal Supermarkets in the same complex. I agreed that he could swing in to buy steel grates (see above) so long as he was speedy (I was hungry). Turns out that my stomach wasn’t the only grumbly one.

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