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We tend to do as much one-stop-shopping as possible around the holiday season. Inevitably, this means many December hours at Chapters and/or Indigo, which often comes with some degree of self-indulgence. Especially if it’s justified: I simply could not put down Marcus Samuelsson‘s Aquavit, on clearance for ten dollars (!).

Within the first skim-through of the newest addition to our collection, I’d decided that the no-frills gravlax would be my first recipe to test. During the last couple of months, however, we hadn’t actively sought Big Pieces of Good Looking Salmon. Also, grocery visits as of late have been, well, late: there’s nothing left at the fish counter when 9PM rolls around. Imagine my delight when, last weekend, the boy waved me over to the fish section at United (the new 27,000 sq ft Asian grocery store in London). And there she was. Good Looking (and smelling) Salmon.  Gravlax, here we come!

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