Grand opening of much needed Hintonburg greengrocer

Source: The Hintonburg Market

I’d been walking past The Hintonburg Market’s “opening soon” sign every day for what has seemed like an eternity. Today, my step had extra spring when I walked in for a peek on their grand opening. Hooray! 

Since moving to Hintonburg (which I generally love), I’ve been lamenting our lack of grocery stores to the boy. We’ve frequented Giant Tiger for ’emergency grocery runs’ — milk, oatmeal, cheese (they carry St. Albert’s) — on more occasions that I’d care to admit. And while Herb & Spice and Saslove’s are great, they’re located far enough away that visiting becomes a full blown errand as opposed to I’m-ducking-out-quickly-for-forgotten-peanut-butter. Vanier spoiled us with 3 grocery stores within spitting distance: we’d hoped for the same here.

The Hintonburg Market’s grand opening is aptly timed with the season end of the Parkdale Market and I bumped into many nosy neighbours during my brief visit after work. Customers seemed genuinely pleased to be there, and the staff were delightful. I spotted a lot of bison (hooray!) and learned from the owner that it is being sourced from Takwânaw Farm, located just an hour east of Ottawa. In fact, the owner was working at Takwânaw immediately prior to opening this store. I picked up a 4 pack of bison sausage which I’m sure will be transformed into dinner soon.

Can’t wait to revisit for more!

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