wherein our house smells like a poutinerie.

I suspect normal folks with evening munchies quench their craving by going to the nearest convenience store. In our house, munchies often lead to full fledged kitchen adventures.

This evening’s snack is brought to you (me?) by Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations: the boy, watching S02E04’s feature on Quebec, became nostalgic for our days in Montreal.  Nostalgic specifically for La Banquise. I should add that we’ve never actually been there (and that yes, I admit this with much sorrow and sheepishness), but we’d often walk past this little joint that was constantly packed with people and presumably delicious poutine.

Potatoes were washed and sliced. Generous amounts of oil went into a cast iron pot.

The boy’s (mad) deep frying skills are much better than my (non existent) deep frying skills, so I made gravy while he dealt with the potatoes. While I would’ve preferred to have made a velouté sauce, the spontaneous nature of our evening snack didn’t allow for a 30 minute mother sauce making process that involved reducing stock whisked into roux. I cheated and concocted gravy from homemade  chicken stock thickened with cornstarch. To that, I added a hint of soy sauce, a dash of cumin and salt, and a whack load of freshly ground pepper.

Once all the potatoes were converted to fries (the boy made them in batches to ensure the hot oil didn’t suffer huge drops in temperature; the batches were kept warm in the toaster oven), they were liberally covered in salt and tossed. The rest is self explanatory:

“But those aren’t cheese curds!” you cry. Perhaps you are correct that this is not the traditional Quebec fare. I can assure you however, that generous amounts of grated mozzarella was a solid compromise and that this plate of poutine was devoured with gusto.


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