ego stroked while buying truffle salt.

After a recent visit to The Only on King, we walked away both satisfied (as always) and tipped off: conversing with our server about truffles, he brought to our attention the existence of truffle salt sold by Savvy Chef. In fact, his wife always carries a little jar of it in her purse so she is prepared at all times. Boring diner eggs? Not an emergency if you can season them clandestinely, thank you very much.

While we were at the Western Fair market to purchase our own jar, conversation with the vendor somehow turned to alliums as the boy showed off a beautiful Spanish onion.

Boy: “We’re making onion rings!”
Vendor: “Are you guys chefs?” (note: this isn’t the first time we’ve been asked this.)
Boy: “Nah – we’re making them just because.”
Vendor, nodding: “Ah. That’s the good life.

For 2 large, thick-cut (~1/2″) Spanish onions:

OVERNIGHT BUTTERMILK SOAK: use enough to cover the onions (~2 cups in our case). Buttermilk was spiced with a Cajun inspired palette: cumin, paprika, garlic powder + 1 tsp each of salt & pepper.

FLOUR DREDGE: 2tsp salt for ~2 cups of flour; 2 tsp baking powder (optional – makes the batter extra fluffy).

OIL: candy thermometers are really handy here as frying temperatures of 350-60 F should be maintained. We found our large enameled cast iron pot perfect for frying the onion rings in batches of 6-8. To avoid sudden drops in temperature, don’t try to cram too many in there at once.

(The dill mustard from gravlax making happened to pair pretty well with these too.)

The lack of photographic evidence speaks to the consumption speed of these deep fried goodies. This is indeed the good life!


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