fridge woes and tuna tales

We have a new apartment!

The boy and I moved into our new place at the beginning of September: same (sketchy) building, larger unit. What sold us? The really really large kitchen. Well, relatively so anyway, as far as apartment living goes. But, but, but… we had no fridge until a good week later. No joke: it was Sept 7th before we convinced them that doing groceries was integral to my well being. Eating instant noodles and pizza for a week had me wondering how people survive on these types of food for the entire academic year. Ewww.

The building management had promised us a new fridge (a few new ones were on order), and kept saying that they’d be here ‘either today or tomorrow’. Definitely more than a few ‘tomorrows’ passed by, so we knocked on their office door. The solution to the not-yet-arrived fridges? Them pulling out a fridge from an empty unit. Meh, it’ll do for now – not to mention that it’s a better fridge than the one on the boy’s old studio. Besides, it seems like they haven’t forgotten about the new fridge, which means perhaps one of those by the end of the month? I’ve learned not to assume anything around here. I’m just crossing my fingers on one of those soon, so we’ll have a functional freezer. Not that the one now isn’t functional, but it’s one of those ice-boxes-within-the-fridge type deals. Not very cold.


We lucked out at the grocery store last week: tuna was mislabeled as shark! We couldn’t believe our luck at finding this stuff for 11$/kg. It turned out to be okay, but not fabulous (unfortunately), in our rendition involving soy sauce, wasabi, and sesame seeds. I’m not sure I’ll be using the george foreman again for tuna without modifications (it didn’t grill… it steamed the fish – too much liquid!).

In other kitchen news, our oven has no temperature markings.
Any suggestions?

  1. Andreea said:

    oh but your oven speaks french 🙂

  2. minion said:

    maybe you can find out the manufacturer and ask them – if the company still exists – the oven looks pretty old *ggg*

  3. princess nix said:

    Many stores sell thermometers that hang from one of the oven shelves just for this type of oven. Good luck on getting your new fridge! My landlord made me buy mine (as well as my washer and dryer) before I moved in. Was a shock to my wallet, but now I can say “I’ve owned appliances since I was 24!”

  4. Sam said:

    On an old oven, I wouldn’t trust the temp markings anyway. Sounds like you need to buy an oven thermometer and a labelmaker. These are both good things to have anyway. 🙂

  5. Tom said:

    Wow, that’s a first for me. I’ve never seen an oven with out temperature markings. I suppose you could just use an oven thermometer and either mark what each dot on the dial is. I’d be especially careful to find the ideal setting for 350ºF (the Holy Temperature). I know knoe thing, for sure, though, I certainly wouldn’t trust that time chart over my probe-ulator (probe thermometer).

    Good luck!

  6. Sarah C. said:

    Hey! Although I am sorry for the troubles you are having with your kitchen appliances I am glad to know that this kind of stuff doesnt just happen to me.

    Up until a week ago my oven was tilted forward so that my cakes were all lopsided and dry on one side. My oven even spit out the items I placed in it once, landing a peach cobbler all over the floor. When they finally came to fix it, the oven door wouldnt open…too close to the door jam.

    Good times!

  7. lindsay said:

    Thanks for all of the advice, folks!

    Andrea – yes it does, and that’s part of the beauty of living in Montreal

    As to all of your suggestions regarding thermometers – I think I’m going to check it out (especially to ensure that 350 IS in fact 350. or thereabouts).

    Quite interesting that ‘gas marks’ come with ‘verbal’ definitions – it seems so… vague! But I suppose we do indeed live in a world where specificities are at our fingertips. And we feel a little lost without them 🙂

    (Sarah, I’m sure your kitchen adventures are more fun with mishaps. I know mine are.. hahah :D)

    I’m going to see what else we can whip up tonight… the boy has been baking bread in the numberless oven and he’s doing a pretty good job. Go figure!


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