homebrewing cider

For four days now, I have been bombarded with fermentation-related jargon. 

With it being the season of final exams and all, my scholastic apathy was forced, 180, into sudden studiousness, so unfortunately, I’ve been unable to digest too much of the boy’s babble. I did, however, happily capture photos of his new one gallon carboy, currently housing his first batch of cider. Stay tuned for updates, and the how-to’s of it all.

Anyone else find the airlock mechanism phallic?


Look at the yeasties go!


Staring at his new pet:
  1. thebrokengentleman. said:

    you should know by now to invite me over when fermentation is involved.


  2. Browners said:

    Loving the photography. Especially the last shot.

    Nice blog.

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