mondo fritz, revisted

Not long ago, I was raving about the yummy poutine at Mondo Fritz (we had had a hankering for grease after beer at Brutopia). Within two weeks of that outing, I revisited Mondo Fritz for more of a lunch time meal, to catch up with a friend. Visite numero 2 has left me with complex sentiments about the restaurant, which I shall share:

Still a thumbs way up for their service: speedy, and pleasant, like last time. I ordered one of their burgers (I believe it was the “Danoise“) with a side of fries – fantastic toppings of blue cheese and sundried tomato, but the crux of the burger left me craving my own rendition (secret ingredient = soy sauce in the ground beef). The meat patty was a little off, size-wise, in comparison to the rather large bun (to be fair, the kaiser was quite tasty and fresh), but it was pretty standard fare, and rather overdone. As were the fries, they were much darker than the last rendition – though I wonder what the poute would’ve tasted like sans gravy. Crispier fries are certainly better at holding themselves up to ladles of gravy, but when when they’re on their own, even the Mondo Fritz’s tasty variations of mayo (the basil/pepper one rocks) can’t save overdone/burnt ones. Portions were, again, quite generous.

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  1. Oliver said:

    Yup, pretty accurate take on it all 🙂

    The fries were definately too crispy (i.e. overdone) and the potato fries above look sooo much better.

    I’d have to add that, purely for health reasons, Mondo Fritz is one place where you should learn to forget your childhood admonishments to ‘finish your plate’….

    Btw, I love the slick new food blog. You should post recipes though! (If you’re interested, my all time favourite foodblog:

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